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An Infinite Blessing is the realization that your life and your experiences is a blessing to mankind and the planet. Your very existence is a blessing of divine love and good.

InfiniteBlessing.com is your place of inspiration, love and support.

InfiniteBlessing.com is your storehouse for tools to practice and inspire the love that is the essence of you.

We are your daily source for tools which support successful living.

Our inspirational blog provides the latest in contemporary spiritual thinking as well as ancient wisdom knowledge to assist you understanding events and life’s challenges.


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    We are your resource which supports your success.

    Our Successful Living Club provides daily positive tools which lifts and supports you in your quest for the highest and enriching life experiences. We provide you rich daily positive affirmations which instantly and over time shape your daily experiences. We provide inspiration videos and vital interviews with key Spiritual leaders and news making groundbreakers. 


    We are your resource for affirmative prayer during times of havoc, healing and happiness.

    Our online Prayer Room is available 24/7 for your prayer request. I affirmatively pray for each confidential request for three days with the expectation of positive results to manifesting in your life. 


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